September 12-13, 2019

 The IMMI Conference Center- Westfield, IN


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Recent  and Upcoming Presentations-Webinars:

  • Learning to Read with AAC - Online implementation class for Prentke Romich Company  presented monthly  at
  • LAMP Words for Life Vocabulary Review and Practice -  FREE Online implementation class for Prentke Romich Company  presented monthly  at
  •  Lights/Camera/Literacy/Language:  Informative Video Feedback    2-1-19, ATIA, Orlando, FL

       Climate Change:  Creating a School Culture of Communication      2-2-19, ATIA, Orlando, FL

                                     with LAMP                                                                                                                   


I can help your child increase literacy and communication skills using augmentative communication 


"Build Your Own Regional AAC Summit From the Ground Up"

Presented at the 17th Biennial International Society for AAC (ISAAC)

Toronto, CA  August 11, 2016

Beth Browning, CCC/SLP and Beth Waite-Lafever, CCC/SLP-ATP

What is Assistive Technology?  Assistive Technology refers to a variety of tools and strategies that help a person with a disability perform everyday tasks, like communicating, reading, writing, organizing, moving, physically interacting with a computer, tablet, or other devices.  Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) is a kind of Assistive Technology that provides a "voice"  for those who are unable to speak well enough to be understood by others.  Loss of communication skills may be a result of Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Down Syndrome, Apraxia, Cognitive Impairment, Angelman Syndrome or other genetic syndromes. There are so many ways AAC strategies can help.  But how do you know what you need, where to get it, and how to use it?

Beth Waite-Lafever, MA-CCC/SLP-ATP

Speech-Language Pathologist

Certified Assistive Technology Specialist by RESNA

Certified LAMP Professional by The Center for AAC and Autism

Breakout Engineering, Inc.