Recent  and Upcoming Presentations-Webinars:

        Preconference PC-14 Scribbling to Learn: Moving Students with Significant Disabilities from Emergent to          Conventional Writers                                                                                                      


                      September 12-13, 2019

 The IMMI Conference Center- Westfield, IN


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"Build Your Own Regional AAC Summit From the Ground Up"

Presented at the 17th Biennial International Society for AAC (ISAAC)

Toronto, CA  August 11, 2016

Beth Browning, CCC/SLP and Beth Waite-Lafever, CCC/SLP-ATP

Beth Waite-Lafever, MA-CCC/SLP-ATP

Speech-Language Pathologist

Certified Assistive Technology Specialist by RESNA

Certified LAMP Professional by The Center for AAC and Autism

Breakout Engineering, Inc.

317-498-9115     Twitter: @helpotherstalk